Quality Control and Process

Chemical Composition Testing

Raw material plays the most vital role in achieving the desired mechanical properties. We, at GVT, inspect samples from raw material before taking it for production. Our team of Dedicated lab Technicians keep a close check on the composition of different steel grades..

Hardness Testing

It measurers whether the hardness achieved is within the prescribed range or not. Different grades of steel give different hardness levels. It signifies the strength and toughness of the disc.

Eccentricity Test

This is done to make sure that there is no axial deviation of points on disc edge in a plain, parallel to the axis of the disc when the disc is rotated about its center.

Basic Dimensional Test Includes

A. Normal Size | B. Thickness | C. Centre Hole | D. Concavity | E. Fixing Hole | F. PCD | G. Bevel Length | H. Bevel Angle

Crack Test and Visual Testing:

The test helps to identify the location of any flaws such as surface cracks, scales, pits, nicks and burns etc. on this disc.

Ball Test:

Ball test is an essay applied to the raw material to make sure they have been cross-rolled, which is an imperative requirement for the fabrication of plowing discs. The test consists of applying load to a 1"(25,4 mm) ball, causing it to go through a pre-drilled hole of 1/2'' (12,7 mm) in the material. As a result, any cracks should not exceed a diameter of 3" (76,2mm).